Trade and Industry


Basic Welding
Tuition $250 24 Hours September 19 - October 12, 2018
Tuesday and Thursday 6-9 PM

Learn the basics of welding using a variety of welding processes, shop equipment and safety. For more information contact 
Kathy Roderick at 740-364-2261.

Basic Welding PPE List:

Welding Helmet $35 - $40
Oxyacetylene Cutting Shield $15-$25
Leather Welding Gloves $10-$20
Welding Jacket $25-$50

These Items can be purchased at either:

Service Welding
1631 Mount Vernon Road    
Newark, OH 43055 
Geer-Wince Welding
71 North Buena Vista
Newark, OH 43055

C-TEC Edge
Manufacturing Production Technician
Tuition $1,237 120 Hours

Learn the foundational knowledge to give you an advantage for entry-level manufacturing positions. Complete coursework in safety, quality practices, manufacturing processes and productivity, and maintenance awareness.